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Montgomery General Hospital

Community Health Needs Assessment


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What is a DEXA scan (bone density test)?

DEXA stands for "dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry," and is considered the most accurate test for bone density. While standard x-rays show changes in bone density after about 40% of bone loss, a DEXA scan can detect changes after about a 1% change. A DEXA scan lasts about 10 minutes, and exposes the patient to less radiation than a standard chest x-ray (about the same amount of radiation exposure as taking a trans-continental flight).

Who is at risk for Osteoporosis?

  • If there is a family history of Osteoporosis
  • If you are Caucasian or Asian descent
  • If you are thin or small build
  • Smokers
  • Too much alcohol intake
  • Too little exercise
  • Too little calcium as a child or at the present time
  • A previous broken bone that resulted from a minor injury
  • Certain steroid medications
  • Menopause before age 45

Why have a Bone Densitometry test?

  • To confirm diagnosis of osteoporosis
  • To detect loss of bone density before a fracture occurs
  • To determine the rate of bone loss with repeated Bone density tests
  • To monitor the effects of treatment over time

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401 6th Avenue

Montgomery WV, 25136

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Montgomery General Hospital is a 25 bed critical access facility that provides care to over 1,000 inpatients, 40,000 outpatients, and care for over 10,000 emergencies on an annual basis.

Montgomery General Hospital serves as a general acute care hospital to Fayette and surrounding counties in the state of West Virginia. As a major employer, Montgomery General Hospital is a significant contributor to the economic and social vitality of its community.

Our Mission:    Montgomery General Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care and community-wide health improvement.
Our Values:   To serve with a caring attitude, concern, dignity, and respect for the value of human life.
    To be a symbol of strength, progress, healing, and hope.
    To maintain open and honest communication.
     To promote, recognize, and reward achievement of excellence among its employees, medical staff, and volunteers.
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